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To Parents 









                                                                                    October 19, 2021

Good day Parents and Guardians,

             Greetings from the Piton Cultural Dancers Inc. I TaJil Chitolie-Baptiste, the Founder of this organization also responsible for teaching quadrille in Virgin Islands. Quadrille is a traditional dance of the Virgin Islands which originated in France during the 1700s.

Quadrilles was originally performed by two couples. As the dance is performed, the dancers are told what particular moves to perform by the "floormaster" or "caller", much like a traditional square dance. In quadrille however, many of the calls are given in French for example, when the caller says balancez, the gentlemen will move from their partners' side and position themselves directly in front of their partner. When the caller says tunez, the gentlemen would place his palm on the lady's left side and turn her to the right."Quelbe" is the official folk music of the Virgin Islands.


Quelbe music was created from the fusion of bamboula chants and caruso songs, military fife, jigs, and the various quadrilles. Quelbe can be described as synthesis of African and European cultures in the Caribbean Virgin Islands, expressed through the language of music and shaped by social conditions of life in the region during the 18th and 19th centuries.

It is my intention to start The Piton Cultural Dancers the first youth Non- profit Cultural Dancers of the U.S Virgin Islands. With the permission of the parents and guardians’ students will learn many dances throughout this organization. These dances include, but are not limited to: seven step, polka mazurkas, jigs, two step, waltzes, heel and toe, updated heel and toe, and line dance. I will need your assistance, in recruiting your child or Children who are interested in participating in this extracurricular activity. We will have our first meeting on Friday, October 29,2021 @ 6:00pm at ACJHS Cafeteria also known as Lockhart Elementary School Cafeteria. Also, we will be via Zoom chat room it will be uploaded to Our website at

Thank you to parents and guardians for acknowledging my request for “Keeping Culture Alive in These Virgin Islands.” If you have any questions, concerns or need to contact me, my phone number is (340)-998-5720 and my email address is

Sincerely Yours Truly,

TaJil Chitolie-Baptiste


TaJil S. Chitolie-Baptiste

Exec. Director, Dance Instructor, President, Chairman

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